#memyblog: Take me to that other place


This blog is almost a month old, but here are some of things that inspire the humble writer behind Project Momentarily:

#1 Great reads 

There are books that take you to another place and time and with it, your mind goes on the kind of glorious adventure that your body can only dream of, The King of Vodka, is one such read.  Firstly there is the soap opera element of the weird, wonderful, tragic and bizarre lives of the Smirnov clan in 19th and early 20th century Russia.  Then there are juicy little facts sprinkled throughout, my favourite one being that Pyotr Smirnov rose from a humble serf to create a global brand on the back of a drink he didn’t really indulge in all that often.  Not much of a drinker, yet creates a global vodka brand. Then the government steals his thunder by seizing control of the sale of all vodka, his kids almost run the company into the ground, and after the revolution its a bizarre prison escape in 1919 that actually ends up ensuring the brand doesn’t fade away.  Told with an eye for salacious details, there is little not to love in this tale of the house of Smirnov.

New York

#2 Bright lights, big city

Ok so technically I’m not in this photo, but I did take it on my first trip to New York which was a holiday I took all on my own while living in London.  Big cities still inspire me for all the possibilities they offer, they are also easy to get lost in, crowded with interesting characters, littered with dreams and full of both the very best and the very worst of times.  I spent years getting lost in big cities in a bid to find a life worth living. There were times when I lost myself, but what I found was always worthy  of such epic adventures. Big cities also remind me of the power of dreams and the price you sometimes have to pay to make them come true.

This post is a response to the mid-week special photo challenge, read more about it here.

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